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Pastor Charles Mugarura , commonly known as Pastor Fire is the senior Pastor and vision bearer of True Faith Healing Ministries, Pentecostal church, in the slums of Kasubi. 

He came to Christ in 1990 and met his wife Sherry. They were married on 8th October 2005. Sherry who is Co-Pastor alongside him, has a prophetic ministry of her own.They have 3 young children: 2 girls & a boy. They live now by faith. Pastor Fire attended the Abundant life Bible College, Kampala.

 The Kasubi slums is one of the largest in Kampala housing around 6,000 people. Kasubi is home to many drug addicts, prostitutes, AIDS orphans, single mothers, & alcoholics. The common drink being banana gin, know as Waragi. There is the usual poverty, sewage/rubbish problems, disease & inadequate housing, associated with slum dwelling.


Charles had a dream to place a pillar in the ground. He saw a vision of a big Cathedral. Similar dreams of a Cathedral in Kasubi were also experienced by many of our congregation & even other pastor friends, as a confirmation of God`s plan for Kasubi slums.
Similar dreams of a Cathedral in Kasubi were also experienced by many of our congregation & even other pastor friends, as a confirmation of God`s plan for Kasubi slums. 

In November 2005 Pastor Fire and his wife rented a house in the slums of Kasabi. The two of them met to praise God & clap their hands in worship.

At first there were only two or three members and  as they visited people door to door more and more folk were added. He rented land & on 25th November 2005, they erected stakes with polythene covering.

By 2006 they were 20 members & the building was of corrugated iron. By 2007 there were 60 members & by 2008 there were 80 worshipping together.

One of the Villagers who was yet unsaved was unable to conceive. She had been cursed. Through prayer the curse was broken & she conceived. She then  became a Christian while she was still pregnant. In February 2008 when she attended the church with her new born, she gave testimony to God`s grace and shared that she had had a dream about three white ladies coming to bless the church. That was the day that three white ladies had indeed arrived to do a children`s mission.  This had been arranged by Arnold Muwonge of NDE network.

The church building was  constructed from corrugated iron wrapped around wooden poles & a tree. The roof was of corrugated sheets that would rattle in the wind and in need of replacement. Three three white ladies from the UK returned on a follow-up mission in April 2009, to find the building was almost collapsing. Funds were raised & new poles & roof erected.


Pastor Fire remembered that in 2002 had had a dream about arriving at an airport & the words “Heathrow 5”. This did not hold any meaning for him till some time later, he spoke with an Englishman at a conference in Uganda. He then realised that Heathrow referred to the UK, but at that time Terminal 5 had not been built , but God knew all about it!

The story of how he came to the UK is also amazing proof of God fulfilling His purposes through him & through others. He has travelled to the UK now 3 times since.He has been granted a 2 year multiple visa.

a)     To attend the Detling conference & hopefully make contacts.

b)    To take up Church opportunities to share.

c)     To raise funds for the land purchase outlined below.

In seeking to establish a good Christian base for ministry & community care he is seeking to purchase almost one acre of land. There is a deadline in November 2011 for him to raise £25,000. There is currently a shortfall of about £20,000  to reach this target. The land will certainly go to others if it is not purchased by him as land is at a premium in the city slums. The current rented earth floor church is in the plot together with 2 existing buildings the church use. There is a further building & a water source making this most desirable & timely.

Phase one : purchase the land.

Phase two : enlarge existing church building & eventually build a school, preferably to offer free education to the poor.




Below: Linda feeding water to children.

A tin Shack that is the Church.

Campala Church Shack

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